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When comparing our school with other Christian schools in our area you will find an excellent program that is diverse, progressive, child-centered, and embodies the goals of healthy relationships, academic excellence and service to others.  In addition, our curriculum involves application and higher-order thinking skills that help to prepare our students to compete academically, with annual standardized test scores at the 90th percentile. With all of this going for our school, you would expect the tuition to be considerably higher than it is.  The following ministry partners help to financially subsidize our program so the cost is reduced without sacrificing quality:

Constituent Churches: Our school is blessed by the financial support of our constituent churches, Harrisonburg Seventh-day Adventist Church & New Market Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Their contribution of over $100,000 annually to our operating budget enables us to pass along a considerable amount of savings to our families. Their intent is to make tuition affordable for families that desire Seventh-day Adventist Christian education.


The Potomac Conference is another partner that helps give administrative oversight and leadership to not just our school but to all of the sister schools throughout this region (Virginia & Maryland). This support includes the following: technology grants, needs-based scholarships, facility improvement grants, educational subsidy, teacher health & retirement benefit packages which total more than $350,000 annually in support. The Potomac Conference also operates Shenandoah Valley Academy (SVA), a boarding high school whose campus is adjacent to ours. The majority of our graduates attend SVA as “day” students.



The Columbia Union (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Virginia) the North American Division are the next tiers of support that provide additional oversight for curriculum development, negotiations for equipment & textbook suppliers and provide continuing education & professional development opportunities for our teachers.


The last tier of support resides with the General Conference Office of Education which connects our school’s philosophy of education and principles of faith with each of its over 1.6 million students in its 7,804 Adventist schools around the world.

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