we are a religiously-exempt preschool

Child care centers operated by religious institutions may be exempt from licensure, per § 63.2-1716 of the Code of Virginia, if the religious institutions submit certain documents to the Virginia Department of Social Services prior to opening the child day center and then annually prior to the expiration date of their exemption. 

The child day program is operating as a program exempt from licensure with basic health and safety requirements but has no direct oversight by the Department of Social Services. This doesn't mean we operate without guidelines, however. Each staff member has undergone a background check and taken extra training to ensure the well-being of our youngest students. A daily health screening takes place at the start of each day for all students.

PreSchool Readiness

Children may be enrolled in Pre-school if they are three years old and potty trained (see below). 

Additionally, we have the following readiness checklist for students entering Pre-school:

  • Potty trained: able to pull clothes up and down by self to use the bathroom; able to verbalize a need to use the bathroom, go to the restroom, and get up and off toilet by self. (It is a given that at this age accidents will occasionally happen, that they may need help with wiping, and also with buttons, zippers, etc.).
  • Able to handle verbal correction from the teacher or other adults
  • Able to handle redirection
  • Manageable separation anxiety from parents or caregiver
  • Able to follow basic verbal directions
  • Able to communicate and interact with peers on a basic, functional, age-appropriate level

Pre-K Handbook

Pre-K Supply List

*Please label items marked with an asterisk with child's name

  • 1 water bottle* (Please label)
  • 1 box of tissues
  • 1 full set of clothes (shirt, pants, underwear, socks) in a bag* 
  • 1 small blanket and small pillow* 
  • 2 large bags of baby wipes
  • 1 backpack* (large enough to fit regular papers)
  • 3-pack of disinfecting wipes
  • last name ending in A-L: 12+ plastic spoons
  • last name ending in M-Z: 12+ plastic forks
  • $10 supply fee, which covers your child's yearly portfolio (payable to SVAE)
  • Red field trip shirt (order at the front office)