Extracurricular Activities


For many years now, SVAE has been blessed with a special relationship with the Shenandoah County Soccer League (SCCL). Previously, SCCL held all of its games on Sabbath. However, a change was made specifically for our school so that now, all games SVAE teams play in are held on Sunday. SCCL has three levels of play: Under 8 (U-8) for players of little to no experience that are under the age of 8; U-10; and U-13. See the SVAE secretary for registration information.


SVAE fields girls' and boys' basketball teams during the school year for grades 5-8. We play low-key games with a handful of other schools with focus on health, doing one’s best, and having fun with others. There’s even an annual game against student parents which is always good for a smile! The season culminates with our teams' participation in SVA's annual Middle School Basketball Tournament.


SVAE has long been known for the beauty and precision of its English Hand Bell choir. Available to students in grades 6th through 8th, the bell program is one of the gems of our musical program and is one of the only elementary schools in the country to have received an invitation to Ring Fest (the annual national gathering of Adventist high school bell choirs!). The bell choir has traveled extensively up and down the East Coast of the U.S., and has performed frequently at local churches and other venues in the Shenandoah Valley.


The New Market Seventh-day Adventist Church is the campus church for SVAE and Shenandoah Valley Academy. Each year, it sponsors a Pathfinder club, which is similar to Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, but with an overt spiritual focus. Spiritual, educational, and fun activities occur throughout the school year such as camping trips, Camporee (the annual state gathering of more than 1,000 Pathfinders!), caving, lock-ins, and more. Students do not have to be members of the New Market Church to join.